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The major manufacturer of frozen products

Maheso is the best and largest manufacturer of ready-made and precooked frozen products, the market leader in the sector in Spain. It has a wide range of frozen products, from ingredients to ready-made meals, following three basic premises: quality, naturalness and flavour.

Maheso is a 100{be57aa83e6230ebd20b541757ebad5533c9734e30666bfb168f9404b5efc376f} owned Spanish company, which focuses the majority of its production at the factory in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona) and employs a large team made up of some 400 people. In its commitment to the environment, it follows a defined Environmental Policy that ensures us being environmentally friendly.


40 years of leadership and innovation

Maheso was established in 1978 as a family business and remains so today. It commenced its business activity with the marketing/ commercialization of fresh produce, mainly croquettes and cannelloni, for small shops and the food service sector. Business growth led the company to the manufacturing of frozen products, resulting in 1986 in being the largest exporter of ready-made meals in Spain, exporting to more than 15 countries, after achieving status as the first factory to be approved for export of ready-made meals to the European Union.

Throughout its history, Maheso has been characterized by innovation in manufacturing and production processes. It was the first company to implement the slow cooker and continuous cooling in 1982 and to exceed two tons per hour of production on one line. It has also developed its own technology to manufacture its products, for example such as machinery to produce ring churros.

In the last years we have continued with innovation and among our releases we highlight the lasagna 4 cheeses in 2011, the pop Nuggets (crispy chicken popcorn) in 2012, the gluten-free Nuggets in 2013, the churros filled with cocoa cream in 2014, the fingers without gluten and the rolls baked in 2015 or other more recent releases such as the range without lactose in 2017 and the croquettes experience in 2018. All of them, exclusive products in their categories that have allowed us to remain as one of the leading companies in innovation in our country.

All this effort has been endorsed by the ISO 2000 and ISO 2001 quality certificates.


Close to you

From large supermarkets to small neighbourhood grocery stores, Maheso is on sale in the whole of Spain. It distributes its wide range of products through large hypermarkets and supermarkets chains, frozen food wholesalers and specialised retail outlets. On an international level, its products are on sale in 18 countries in Europe and on the Latin American market.

Maheso have their own distribution centres Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. Each regional office has its own sales network and a modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles. In turn, it is a major operator in the food service sector, with products specifically designed for food service professionals.


Largest frozen food factory in Spain

Maheso’s factory is located in the municipality of Montcada i Reixac in Barcelona. Covering an area of 20,000 m2, it is the largest in Spain in the business of frozen food production. It was inaugurated in April 1989 and in 2001 it was extended to accommodate cold storage for up to 43,000 m3. The majority of the Maheso range is produced in these facilities, representing a production capacity of 35 million kilos a year.

The facilities combine the versatility and quickness of home cooking with the capacity of a large industry. They have the highest technology in the sector and meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Maheso has 15 separate production lines for each type of product in the facilities, which allows for linear processing of food throughout the process. Its cannelloni and lasagne production line, one of the largest in Europe with a capacity of 21,000 units per hour is highlighted.

Mission & vision

Mission & vision

The mission defines the main purpose of the Company and the vision offers us the context in order to take strategic decisions. Therefore, in Maheso we would like to share which are our Mission and Vision as a company.

Our MISSION is to take part on a sustainable way on people’s alimentation, by offering them innovative and full quality solutions that are able to solve their needs, bringing value to the Society, Customers and Company.

Our VISION is to be perceived in the world of frozen food as leaders thanks to our Quality, Innovation and healthy products, at a national level and with an export vocation.


The way forward

Quality, creation of shared value, personal relationships based on trust and mutual respect, efficiency and making a difference are the principles that in Maheso we follow in our daily business operations.

Maheso is characterized by its capacity for innovation and product development and new concepts for the catering industry or for home consumption. We are constantly evolving so as to always achieve customer satisfaction. Hence, our range of products is adapted to suit the tastes and habits of the consumer at all times and to changing market trends.

Choosing the best ingredients and in the best expert hands, Maheso manages to reach the highest standards of quality by subjecting our products to rigorous controls in order to certify it. This desire to achieve excellence is also evident in our concern for the health and nutrition, making our products form part of a healthy, balanced diet.

The success of our company is based on the constant search of competitivity counting on the talent, effort, commitment, proactivity and well-done work of our human capital.


Committed to the environment

Maheso is one of the pioneering food industry companies to be certified in the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard, for their criteria of sustainability and environmental friendliness. As a result of obtaining this standard, Gedesco SA’s management has set up an Environmental Policy focused on the control of environmental impacts generated by the company’s business activity.

This Environmental Policy is public, is reviewed annually to adapt to changing business, and is embodied in the following measures:

  • Control of wastewater generated by the activity at the plant. Since 1998, Maheso has had a biological wastewater treatment plant with a capacity to treat 600 m3/day of wastewater. With the purified water at this facility, a total of 1,500 families would have their daily water consumption needs met.
  • Control and monitoring of combustion gas emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Management of waste generated, in accordance with current legislation.
  • Compliance with statutory environmental requirements.
  • Promotion of energy efficiency and recycling.

The aim of all the above actions is care for the environment, showing Maheso’s commitment to an environmentally-friendly and resource-saving industrial business activity.


Sabor del año Kids 2016

Our innovations and quality of the product have been awarded not only with our customers and consumers confidence, but also with the lots of awards that we have received all over the years. Our most recent awards are those ones:

  • Sabor del Año 2012 award to our Vegetable Tempura and 4 cheeses Lasagne.
  • Sabor del Año 2013 awarad to our range of precooked meat: Pop Nuggets, Chicken fingers and Chicken breasts.
  • Producto del Año 2013 award to our Pop Nuggets, crispy chicken pieces.
  • Producto del Año 2014 award to our Paella Marinera.
  • Producto del Año 2015 awarad to our filled churros.
  • Sabor del Año Kids 2016 award to our Gluten-free Chicken fingers and gluten-free Nuggets.